Sbarro Espera Turbo S20, 2007


For 20 years, Franco Sbarro is sharing his expertise with young people in its various schools. For 20 years, Dominique Chapatte is sharing his passion for the automobile in one of the oldest french TV mag: Turbo. A simple phone call between the two men led to celebrate this anniversary common: the Turbo S20 roadster was born.


The design began, as always in Espera, by a specification, then sketches, drawings, ideas. Gradually, the idea of two-seater roadster has become. A model was made and the colors chosen (gray matte and gloss red).


The issue then is the transition to real model. To do this, Espera students have changed tubular chassis from a 1985 Isdera, in which they placed in a central position, a Mercedes AMG V8 developing 350 horsepower, associated with a manual 5-speed. The front lights were taken off on a Smart and taillamps from a Fiat Seicento.

By 4 months, the Turbo S20 was ready. A beautiful roadster, which of course took all the honors in the broadcast Turbo M6. During the test, it appeared that the Turbo S20 behavior was very healthy despite the limited time students have had for the design and manufacture.


The Picasso Cup impressed me greatly. The Turbo S20 strike even harder. Sbarro and his students did not have to meet specifications from a large manufacturer which often requires the recognition of the original model. There, all started from a blank sheet. And the result is superb. A car that deserves a building in small series. The Turbo S20 is also one of the last cars to leave their homes in Pontarlier Espera, the structure has moved to Monbéliard witha little different spirit.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




  Sbarro Espera Turbo S20, 2007


V8(AMG E500)


mid engine


5000 cc


350 BHP


rear wheel drive


5-speed manual ZF

1300 kg (estimations)

19" front - 20" rear




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