A page is turned and a new chapter begins: Espera in Pontarlier has closed. Twenty years of automotive history and passion, all orchestrated by Franco Sbarro. Although he had thought of stopping his educational project, the adventure will continue in Montbéliard.

The ESP9 at Essen 2007, without the front spoiler

Work base

Espera Montbéliard opened on September 17, 2007. While the name Espera remains unchanged, the general training framework has changed. The focus is now on creating prototypes using the same base, the ESP9 tray. Each year, the students will complete their apprenticeships (welding, mechanics, molding, etc.) on the basis of the ESP9 chassis and mechanics, which they will dress up with a new body each year.

The V6 engine is positioned crosswise in the middle. Admire the special body paintwork.


The ESP9 barquette is powered by a Peugeot 406 coupé V-six installed in a rear transverse central position. The chassis is a dual-frame design invented by Franco Sbarro. This was the basis for the design of the ESP9, the first in the series. Blue in color, with a removable front spoiler, it is a two-seater. The rear end is rather impressive, with its unconcealed engine and large central exhaust tailpipe.

The ESP9 with its front spoiler. It's definitely a rolling prototype.

And then

Subsequent prototypes based on the ESP9 include the Genesis, Nemesis, Katana and Mulsanne in 2008, and the Impact in 2009.

In brief
1- Mid-engine car
3- Basis for future Espera Montbéliard projects